Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
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ETP of pigment blue manufacturer


Shree Uma Industries is an environment conscious company and works towards maintaining a pollution-free and secure ecosystem.  The manufacturing process and other activities are constantly improvised for the efficient utilization of resources like water, fuel and power while there is a considerable minimization in the production of waste.

Shree Uma has a well managed effluent treatment plant (ETP) with all necessary consents from the Government Pollution Control Department. The treated waste water is disposed to the Common industrial Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP).

Shree Uma is a member of Treatment and Disposal Facility of Naroda Enviro Projects. The sludge generated from the ETP as well as other solid waste is easily disposed at the disposal site.

The company takes special interest in plantation of trees and other vegetation for maintaining the green belt area.

Adequate measures are taken by Shree Uma industries for maintaining the ecological balance. It has the Environmental Clearance by the Forest and Environment Department.


Safe working conditions and proper personal protective equipments are a priority at Shree Uma Industries.

Regular medical check-ups of the production workers are carried out by doctors from the Office of the Directors of Industrial Safety and Health. All employees are covered under the Employees Insurance Scheme.  The company strictly adheres to the legal norms of child labor also.

The plant machinery and other constructions are regularly inspected for their stability and structural soundness as per the factory act by the concerned authorities. The company is registered with the Inspectorate of factory, health and safety.



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