Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
Pigment Blue 15:3 Pigment Blue 15:4 Pigment Pastes
manufacturer of Fluorescent Pigment Pastes

manufacturer of Pigment Paste

manufacturer of Dispersed High conc Cake
manufacturer of Pigment blue 15:3

Copper phthalocyanine (C.I. 74160), is a bright, greenish-blue crystalline synthetic blue pigment from the family of phthalocyanines. Due to its excellent fastness properties and high tinctorial strength it is used as a colorant in printing inks, paints, plastics and textiles. It is used in powder form or press cake form.


Fluorescent Pigment Pastes, Pigment Paste, 
Dispersed High conc Cake, Pigment blue 15:3, 
Pigment blue 15:4


Our product and its modified forms are:




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